The 7 Best Videos To Teach The Alphabet To Your Kids

girl singingAre you trying to teach your child the Alphabet? There are excellent songs and videos on Youtube which can help, by reinforcing the message.  Below are the songs and videos from Youtube that I used when I was teaching my toddler the alphabet. Each has its pros and cons, each has varying degrees of educational and entertainment value. But my son loved watching all of them.  Sometimes we played them during the day, but mostly we played them at night as part of our going to bed ritual. Below are the best songs and videos for teaching the alphabet starting with the very best:

1. My favorite video is from “Super Simple Songs”. I like the animated movement of the letters and the way they go through the alphabet three different ways.  Although, they use lower case (I believe upper case is best for teaching the alphabet) and the song goes through the letters l,m,n,o,p a little too quickly, this is still my favorite. But maybe I am biased because I am a huge fan of “Super Simple Songs”. If you do not know “Super Simple Songs”, you will find all of their videos to be excellent, educational and entertaining:

2.  The Toonbo Song features mice jumping into and out of holes to tune of the alphabet song. It is cute, funny and this is the only song that my boy really remembers and still likes after all of these years. It is very fast, and perhaps too fast for a very young child. But the entertainment factor is very high. Your kid will almost certainly love it.

3. The Alphabet Train is a fun way to learn the alphabet with no song at all. Children are often attacked to the voices of other kids. And what kid doesn’t like trains? Plus it uses upper case letters and moves through the letters very slowly. Though it may not be as entertaining as listening to a song, it  is educational and it does add variety:

4. I love this version of the Alphabet Song with India Aria and Elmo. India is not the best actress in the world. But the way India sings is simply lovely. This video also uses lower case letters. :

5. If you are tired of listening to the standard Alphabet song, “We Are The Alphabet” by KidsTV123 takes a different approach, by simply singing the letters with no real tune. And notice that L,M,N,O and P are not rushed the way they are in other songs. The video uses both upper and lower cases. I like the relaxed pace of the song, though it does not have the entertainment quality of other videos, I think that parents are more likely to notice this than kids:

6. I do not think that DidiPop’s Cool Alphabet Song is the best for teaching the alphabet. Parts of it are a bit fast for very young  kids to understand. Frankly, I have a difficult time understanding all of the lyrics. But it is unique and the entertainment factor is high. What a fun alphabet song:

7. I love GiggleBellie’s upbeat approach. But it is a bit fast and it includes counting to 20. So, it might not be appropriate for all kids:

So, which of these 7 songs will you use to teach your toddler to read? I used them all, because variety makes the learning process more fun.

What is your favorite video to teach the alphabet?

Great Reading Resources: Book Boxers

When teaching very young child to read, particularly children below the age of 4 years, it is very helpful to use many different types of media in order to support the things that the child is learning. It is much more interesting for young children if they are able to switch from books to videos to websites and then to games. Many children will quickly tire of reading from a book, so switching to an animated book will make the lesson less repetitive.  What do you look for in educational media? In my opinion, the most important is that the media should be fun. It should not be dry and boring like lessons you may have endured in your childhood. There should be a very high entertainment factor.

But unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find high quality resources. All children love to watch videos, so YouTube is an obvious resource for educational videos. However, it can take a great deal of time to sort through the many videos there in order to find a few that are good quality.  The videos on YouTube are often quite amateurish. Many lack entertainment value or learning value. It can be challenging to find quality videos which could help to teach reading and be fun and entertaining at the same time.

However, it is quickly apparent that the videos in the Book Boxers series of videos are very high quality.  The animation is very well done and the same language subtitling allows the child to read along with the voice.  The stories are short, many just 2 or 3 minutes long. This is important because little kids have little attention spans. Amazingly,  videos are available with US or UK accents. This is a quality resource that every teacher or parent involved in teaching young children to read should know about.

Here is a video with US English

Here is the same video in UK English:

This is also an excellent way to teach your child about the differences in the UK and USA accents.

Great Reading Resources: Super Simple Songs!

As a new father, I was constantly searching Youtube for quality music for my son. Super Simple Songs was one of my first YouTube discoveries. What an excellent find it was! Some of the songs, like “Eensey Weensey Spider” are just for fun. Other songs, like “The Alphabet Song”, are fun and educational. We enjoyed both.

Below is the YouTube Video “Eensey Weensey Spider”. Now there are almost 28 milllion views. We must have accounted for a few hundred of those views. My boy loved that song and watched it over and over again.

NEWS: Since we watched Super Simple Songs, they are now available from Amazon on DVD, so your child can watch them if there is no internet connection or if you want to take them on a visit to Grandma’s house. Click the photo below to see the DVD on Amazon.

This video contains the following songs:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
3. Row Row Row Your Boat
4. Rain Rain Go Away
5. Skidamarink (Puppet Version)
6. Ten In The Bed
7. Eensey Weensey Spider
8. Open Shut Them
9. Seven Steps
10. The Alphabet Song
11. The Alphabet Chant
12. Days Of The Week
13. The Months Chant
14. Uh-huh
15. Five Little Monkeys

We sang all of the songs listed above over and over again. Our favorites were:

* Eensey Weensey Spider
* Skidamarink
* The Alphabet Song
* Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
* Rain Rain Go Away

But they are all well done and highly recommended. You can find more videos and games at the Super Simple Learning website.