Free E-books for Toddlers

baby readingWhat kind of book should you look for in when teaching a toddler to read? Here are some important selection criteria you may want to consider:

  • First, and probably most important, is that the book should be fun! It should have fun pictures, fun words, fun ideas. Your toddler is at the beginning of their reading adventure and this is the moment that you want them to learn that reading is worthwhile. If they enjoy reading, they will be much more motivated to spend time with it and learn more.
  • Second, it should be simple. Beginning to read is hard work! Make it as easy as possible. The words should be simple and short. Most of the words should be in your child’s current vocabulary. If they recognize the words, they will be more motivated.
  • Third, it should have lots of pictures, the sillier, the better. Pictures will attract your child and make him curious about the book.
  • Fourth, it should have minimal text with big print that is easy to read.
  • Fifth, consider books which use one case type, for example, only upper case text to make it easier for children who are just starting out.

We have created a series of free books for kids. These books are  intended for very young children. The free downloadable e-books are made in PDF format so that they can be read on the computer or printed.

The free ebooks are made in big print format with lots of colorful pictures making them easy to read and entertaining for kids. The library of free books for kids current features 15 free books. More will be added soon.

Please leave a comment and tell us your thoughts about these free ebooks. Is there a type you like better? Do you have suggestions for ebooks you think we should create in the future? If so, please leave a comment below.

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