Why Chess Makes Kids Smart

I have always believed that Chess is an excellent game for developing the minds of children. I played chess as a child and now my son has been playing chess for two years. Today we watched this Tedx video which explains why chess makes you smart. If your child or children are not currently active with chess, I highly recommend this video.

Where do you start if you want to get your child or children playing chess? First thing to do is to download an app onto your phone or iPhone and buy a chess set.

Next, get them a free membership on a website such as Chess Kid

There are many excellent chess websites which can help your child to learn chess, but Chesskid is made for kids. The keep their lessons short and to the point, they make their videos entertaining and they have special security features which makes the website safer for kids.

Finally look for a chess club or chess school in your area that has a group for kids. At the chess school, your children will not only get lessons, but also, they will be able to play chess with other kids. They will also learn about local chess tournaments that they can participate in.

Participation in chess will not only be a fun activity for your child, but will help to develop their brain at the same time.




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